Since our inception, Scratch Capital
has been focused on building a strategic, quality consulting and investment practice for small businesses.


And our mission is simple: 


We want to make it easier for small businesses and entrepreneurs to be successful.


We help our clients achieve their vision, from integrating technology and launching new products  to developing new processes and accelerating growth. Through our history and experience we have learned that scaling success, maintaining a competitive edge and navigating macro-level impacts is difficult for business owners. Our clients benefit from the systematic approach to change, growth and success that Scratch Capital delivers. 

Our Team

We have brought together a team of past-and-present entrepreneurs, MBA's, financial advisors, artists and real estate professionals to provide business guidance unlike that of any other consulting or capital firm. Our cross-functional expertise gives us a unique ability to step into any venture and provide an assessment and strategic plans for the future. Founded with a focus on small business, every engagement is unique and is project-based. Only after our initial assessment will we develop a scope of work and road map for exactly how we can help.